Sunday, February 3, 2013

Expensive .vs. Bargain

Happy Superbowl Sunday fashionistas !!!
Ok while all the guys are sitting in front of the T.V. watching the Superbowl you can be sitting in front of the computer shopping for some bargains. I have decided to make a post about how to make an inexpensive outfit look just like an expensive one. Below I will break down each item and their cost. Then I will give you the total of the expensive outfit and the bargain outfit. Then pick the one you would buy........
Patagonia cowl neck sweater - $45.00
True Religion Skinny jeans - $260.00
Ankle black boots- $199.00
Sally Phillips black necklace- $300.00
Red leather clutch (Etsy) - $55.00
Total: $859.00

Target Mossimo sweater- $16.00
Old Navy skinny jeans- $25.00
Amazon black boots- $25.00
Multichain necklace- $19.00
Red Rare London clutch- $22.00
Total: $107.00

✏Leave a comment & let me know which outfit you would choose ��

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