Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wardrobe Styling by Tasha

Calling all fashionista's in need of help with the "what should I wear" dilemma. I am here to help you with your styling needs .  From simply putting together smashing outfits from your closet or going shopping with you to help pick out clothing & accessories I will be by your side. You are just a few clicks away from the new you:

1. E-mail me at vintagechick360@gmail .com to set up an appointment and discuss pricing.

2. Decide if you would like help with:

Option A -  putting together outfits from your closet.
Option B -  1:1 shopping.    

Option C -  If you would like me to do the shopping for you or place items on hold for you to try on at your convenience.

Option D - Special occasion styling (parties, weddings, birthdays, etc.)

4. I will take pictures of all your outfits and put them in a photo album, CD, email them to you, or any method that works for your lifestyle. You will have them to reference when you cannot figure out "what to wear".

I have posted some pictures of June's wardrobe closet makeover !!!!

Hope to see you soon

June's Closet Before

In Home Styling

Outfits I put together from June's Closet

June's Closet After

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